BLAKE2b Hash Generator


About BLAKE2b Hash Generator

BLAKE2b hash generator is an online tool that helps you create secure, unique BLAKE2b hashes quickly and easily for any input data.

How to generate BLAKE2b hash?

  1. Enter input data or import from a file or URL.
  2. Optionally enter a hash key in the options section.
  3. Click Generate BLAKE2b Hash.
  4. Copy or download the generated hash.

What is BLAKE2b Hash?

BLAKE2 Hash is a cryptographic hash function based on the ChaCha stream cipher and is an improvement over the original BLAKE hash algorithm. It produces a fixed-length output for any given input regardless of its size. It is optimized for security, speed, and simplicity, making it ideal for use in various applications such as digital signatures, authentication protocols, password hashing, file integrity checksums, and more. Additionally, BLAKE2 is optimized to use less memory than other comparable hashing algorithms, which makes it suitable for use in embedded systems where memory resources are limited. To learn more about BLAKE Hash, please visit the BLAKE Wikipedia page.