URL Encoder

Want to decode a URL? Use our free URL Decode.

About URL Encoder

URL Encoder is an online tool that helps you convert special characters, such as spaces and other symbols, which are not allowed in Web addresses, into a format that can be used in the browser and is easier to share.

How to encode URLs?

  1. Enter the URL string or import from a file or URL.
  2. Click Encode URL.
  3. Copy or download the converted URL string.

What is URL Encoding?

URL Encode is a way of converting special characters, which are not allowed in web addresses, such as spaces, &, #, %, etc., into a format that can be used on the internet and parsed correctly by browsers. URL Encode helps to keep URLs secure by preventing malicious code from being injected into them and helps prevent data loss as it ensures that all characters in the URL are encoded correctly. Also, it is essential for web development and SEO as it helps to ensure that search engines can index websites properly. To learn more about URL Encode, please visit the URL encoding Wikipedia page.