xxHash3 Hash Generator


About xxHash3 Generator

xxHash3 Generator is an online tool that helps you create secure, unique xxHash3 quickly and easily for any input data.

How to generate xxHash3?

  1. Enter input data or import from a file or URL.
  2. Optionally enter a hash seed in the options section.
  3. Click Generate xxHash.
  4. Copy or download the generated hash.

What is xxHash3?

xxHash3 is a fast, advanced, and secure non-cryptographic hash algorithm. It is used for data integrity checks and is ideal for file verification, database indexing, and data comparison. It is the latest version of the popular XXHash algorithm and offers improved performance over its predecessor. xxHash3 produces a 32-bit or 64-bit hash value from the input data. Also, it has a low memory footprint and can be used to compare large datasets. To learn more about xxHash3, please visit the xxHash Github page.